The average website loses 9% of business because of poor performance.

Don’t be average. Test your site speed now:

Just type your website address CAREFULLY below and we’ll run a detailed speed test for you…

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How much does the test cost?

It’s FREE.

Is it safe?

Totally. You’re just giving us your web address, which is public information.

What happens?

We visit your site with a browser on a PC, just like anyone else. The difference is, we time exactly how long everything takes to happen.

What will the results show?

You’ll get overall timing for the page, a scorecard showing areas of excellence (or room for improvement) and other goodies.

Aren’t you just trying to sell me?

Sure. In addition to the raw results from your site, we’ll configure our test server to show you how you’d look with SPEEDILICIOUS Extreme, in case you’re interested.

How long does it take?

That depends on your site and who else is in the queue. Normally 5-10 minutes.

What if my site needs help?

We can make most sites SPEEDILICIOUS overnight, and its just $1 for a 10 day trial!