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Rex Northen Executive Director The Clean Tech Open

We were looking for something to help us speed up our website and it needed to be both fast and incredibly reliable. We found SPEEDILICIOUS, we implemented it incredibly fast (you just switch it on, about a half hour process).

We haven’t had any hassles of any kind. Its incredibly fast, incredibly easy and completely reliable.

If you don’t have SPEEDILICIOUS yet, now’s the time!

John Della Penna Race Legend & Owner Della Penna Racing

For decades my life has been all about speed and safety at speed. Back in the day I raced then owned the Della Penna team – now I’m an investor helping small and medium businesses to fly.

When I saw SPEEDILICIOUS I decided to try it on my website, and overnight it was twice as fast.

I don’t know how they do it, and I really don’t care. All I know is that it WORKS!

James Cape Senior VP Corporate Marketing Interact

We sell 911 Emergency response systems to first responder agencies – that’s Police, Firefighters and Emergency techs throughout the world and we realized that our website is truly the most important communication vehicle we have.

After an extensive evaluation by myself and our Chief Technology Officer, we selected SPEEDILICIOUS as a critical tool because the core of our success is speed.

In the markets that we serve, fractions of a second truly count.

Don Ashby Owner Going in Style

In the past technical changes to our website have made things difficult, but when we switched to SPEEDILICIOUS everything worked great and the changeover was seamless.

We’ve battle tested this service for several months now… you’ve got to go with SPEEDILICIOUS.

James Horn Founder Windspire Energy

In the last two months we’ve seen tremendous improvements in the interactions [customers] have and the response times from our site.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to switch to SPEEDILICIOUS.

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