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Anyone who owns a website can use SPEEDILICIOUS. You simply need to be able to change the ‘DNS Zone File’. Thats easy for any webmaster or techy to do, or we can do it for you if you give us access.

I have a dynamic or ecommerce website. Can I use SPEEDILICIOUS?

You not only can, you must! You should quickly see benefits on your bottom line.

You can definitely use SPEEDILICIOUS if you have any kind of dynamic or ecommerce website. We don’t cache HTML (the page itself), we cache static files like images, CSS or Javascript. So if your page content is constantly changing, SPEEDILICIOUS will always serve your visitors the latest version.

How much does SPEEDILICIOUS cost?

SPEEDILICIOUS offers several levels of service for businesses of all sizes.You can see detailed pricing here and the bottom line is that for any given website the pricing is so low that for the benefits of the extra speed ‘its insane not to‘.


Yes. SPEEDILICIOUS is easy to turn on and off. Just log into your Flight Deck – there’s a simple ON-OFF switch for each site you have with us.

Why wouldn’t I just upgrade my hosting server instead of SPEEDILICIOUS?

The speed that a page shows up for a user is based on lots of factors, in two categories ‘back-end’ which means servers, network and so on – and ‘front-end’ which means what actually happens in the browser. For most sites, over 80% of the improvement that can be made is in the ‘front-end’. That means that server upgrades can only help so much, but the dozens of ‘front-end’ optimizations that we make can help a lot. There’s no point in sending stuff quickly to the browser unless it is organized in a way that the browser can render the page quickly. SPEEDILICIOUS makes an optimized copy of a site’s code to take advantage of the 80% opportunity at the browser front-end, as well as using some techniques and hardware to address the 20% back-end.

Does SPEEDILICIOUS do SSL secure pages?

Yes. Your exisiting ‘origin’ webserver (the one that handles your secure SSL traffic today) will continue to handle all secure stuff using your existing certificate. Nothing to set up or change, we simply pass secure pages (which generally make up a small fraction of overall traffic) back to your origin for handling. We cannot and do not read those pages in transit and simply pass them to your origin (acting, effectively, like the dozens of other devices across the web through which your pages pass in transit)

What is your privacy policy? Do you share information about my site with anyone?

Never. Here’s our privacy policy in detail. We’re so serious about privacy that we are licensees of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Program. We don’t share your personal information with anyone and we don’t give away any information whatsoever about SPEEDILICIOUS websites.

Adding a Domain to your Account

How long does it take to add a site to SPEEDILICIOUS?

1 – 3 minutes tops. Its just a $1 for the first month. Get started by picking a plan here.

Why do I have to change my DNS settings?

The beauty of SPEEDILICIOUS is that you don’t have to buy expensive hardware, install and configure complex software or change any of your site’s delicate code to get speed – and we won’t touch your code either. Instead, you deploy SPEEDILICIOUS just by changing the ‘DNS Zone File’ for your domain. This allows us to handle all the complex stuff while you – more importantly your site’s visitors – just enjoy the benefits.

In order for us to do all the hard work, you just change your DNS (we can do this for you if you wish – but not without your authority to access the settings). You keep your current hosting provider and registrar – and if ever you wanted to could simply switch back your DNS.

How do I find my current DNS information?

To update your DNS information (or have us do it for you), you need to be able to log in to your DNS provider and find the DNS control panel. We have detailed instructions for many of the largest DNS providers here: Instructions to Find your DNS Zone File.

Who is my registrar?

You can easily look up your registrar here: www.whois.net

Does SPEEDILICIOUS require me to change my registrar?

No. Your registrar stays the same.

Does SPEEDILICIOUS require me to change my hosting provider?

Nope. With SPEEDILICIOUS your hosting provider stays the same.

My hosting provider and registrar aren’t the same. Where do I make the DNS change?

Often your host and registrar are the same. Sometimes they are not. You might have GoDaddy as your registrar, for instance, and Bluehost as your host.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter if they are the same or different. What matters is where your Nameservers are so we can update the DNS Zone files, and they could be with either. We can help you track them down if you’re not sure.

I have other URLs that point to the same site. Should I add them to SPEEDILICIOUS too?

There’s multiple ways of doing this. We think simple is best and Google & co prefer content in one place (hence the infamous ‘duplicate content penalty’). If it were us, we would simply do a site-wide 301 redirect of each extra domain to the main domain that’s now SPEEDILICIOUS. That way all the search juice stays in one place. We understand that every case is different of course, and if the other sites are actually different, they’ll need to be set up separately in your SPEEDILICIOUS account.

How long before the world sees my site on SPEEDILICIOUS?

The range is from 30 minutes to 48 hours, but these days closer to the former than the latter.

Why the wait before the world sees my site SPEEDILICIOUS?

It takes a while for the ‘news’ about your new DNS to spread around the web and every DNS provider uses different systems to update their name server records. SPEEDILICIOUS begins work immediately the name servers have been updated and some places will likely see the new version of your site within minutes, many within an hour. But, some parts of the internet can take up to 48 hours to hear the news. Its a pain, but unfortunately there simply is no way to speed this up.

What happens if my site gets a burst of traffic?

SPEEDILICIOUS uses a global network of servers to carry the load. If your website gets a surge in traffic, it will stay online even at traffic loads that would have brought it to its knees in the past.

Does SPEEDILICIOUS affect Google Analytics?

No, not at all. If you use Google Analytics or any other system that tracks using a script on your web pages, then SPEEDILICIOUS does not affect any of your tracking. The Google Analytics stays within the code of your page, runs in your visitors browser, and reports data directly to Google. (Full disclosure: As Google recommends, we make their code ‘asynchronous’ for maximum speed if you haven’t already done so).

Why do my server logs look different?

When you go SPEEDILICIOUS your server logs will change because a lot of the work that was previously done by your server will now be handled by us. SPEEDILICIOUS effectively acts as a ‘proxy’. This means that your visitors are routed through the SPEEDILICIOUS network which allows SPEEDILICIOUS to speed up page load time by caching static resources (images, javascript, css, etc.) on a fast connection as well as serving improved copies of all your pages. Your server does less work, so records less work.

What do I do to my SPEEDILICIOUS account if I change my web hosting provider?

Three words: Let us know! Just create a support ticket and tell us what you are doing. And we can make it all run smoothly. Here’s the game plan:

  1. Keep your existing hosting accout fully active until the transition is complete – this is the ‘origin’ from which SPEEDILICIOUS reads your site and we need it in place until your new host is up and running.
  2. Get your new hosting sorted out – copy all your files etc (you do that or your hosting company, not us)
  3. Find out from your new host the IP address at which your site is now and when you are happy everything is ready let us know in a support ticket
  4. We will now switch SPEEDILICIOUS to use your new host as its source
  5. Once everything is looking good for several days you can cancel your old hosting account.

What do I do to my SPEEDILICIOUS account when I change my registrar?

Nothing that you wouldn’t have to do normally. The critical thing is that your DNS records stay unchanged even if they get moved.

What is DNS?

DNS is the system at the heart of the Internet that translates the domain names we know and use every day into computer-usable IP addresses like which are the actual addresses of web servers. To go SPEEDILICIOUS you just have to change your domain’s DNS Zone Files so they point to our fast version of your site. Your domain stays the exactly same (and so do all of the page URLs on your site that the search engines have indexed), but your visitors will be served each page from our system with all the benefits of SPEEDILICIOUS.

What do I change my DNS to?

We’ll send you detailed instructions when your site is ready to go live, and if you aren’t familiar with DNS we can make the switch for you. Essentially it is as simple as removing all other ‘www’ records for your yourdomain.com (assuming we’re taking the www subdomain SPEEDILICIOUS) and creating a new CNAME for www that points to www.yourdomain.com.speedilicious.net . Easy, just don’t do it until we confirm everything is ready or your visitors won’t see your site.

I already use caching right on my server. Will SPEEDILICIOUS’s caching help me?

Yes. SPEEDILICIOUS’s caching is different from any caching on your server. Caching on your servre helps prevent multiple lookups for the same data.

SPEEDILICIOUS’s caching is far more powerful as it moves your static content (images, css, javascript, etc.) closer to the visitor who is requesting them. We have data centers located across the globe. When someone requests your page, they get the images directly from the cache server that is closest to them. As a result, we’re able to significantly decrease the bandwidth and load on your server. We don’t cache the actual html of the pages themselves (unless you spedify otherwise in your Flight Deck control panel) so if you make changes to the content on your site, the changes will appear immediately.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are welcomed.

What happens if I cancel my account?

Your account will continue to the end of the current month’s billing cycle.