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How fast do I get started?

Lightning fast:

  1. Decide you want to delight your customers with a faster website
  2. Complete the 2-minute registration
  3. Sit back while our specialists set you up
  4. Check out your site in ‘preview’ to make sure everything works
  5. Switch (or have us switch) your website’s CNAME. (That’s the setting that tells the internet where to find the pages of your site).

Whats my risk?

By far your biggest risk is taking no action if your site is slow. A sluggish site means losing money every day. So please, if you don’t GO SPEEDILICIOUS, learn how to do all this, or hire someone who can because the speed of your site is critical to your business.

In terms of your risk doing this with us:

  • You will preview your site to make sure everything is fine before it goes live
  • The servers and systems we employ are best-of breed. For example, serving your site’s assets on the reknowned Level3 network makes it thousands of times more reliable than regular hosting
  • At any time you can switch back to the way things are now

Do I have to Modify my Site in Some Way?

No modifications to your site are necessary.

Every time anyone touches my code bad things happen. Tell me you won’t be touching my code.

We won’t be touching your code. Nor your server. Nothing. SPEEDILICIOUS simply visits your site just like anyone else on the web, reads the pages and creates an uber-optimized copy of your site which we host on our high performance network.

Will my site be reliable?

Very. SPEEDILICIOUS distributes your site’s content across the Level3 global network of ultra high-performance webservers. Level3 is the premier content delivery network used by companies like Netflix, FOX, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Comcast, Sky, NHL, BBC, DNC, CNN and countless others to ensure lightning fast response every second of every minute of every day.

Will my site be secure?

If it is today, it will be with us.Your site security is untouched by SPEEDILICIOUS. We simply read the pages, images and everything else that makes up your your site from your original host, perform our magic, and serve a faster site. If you have secure pages, we pass them instantly to your server for secure processing.

What About My Visitors?

All visitors to your website will notice is a faster site. They’ll love you for that.

What About My Site in Google & other Search Engines?

Your page URLs stay exactly the same, so all the pages you have indexed by the search engines are completely unaffected. Any traffic you get from the search engines will still come directly to your site – just faster than before. Google have said loud and clear that because users like fast websites way better (and hate slower sites) they are now including site speed in their ranking algorithm.

What about SSL secure pages?

If your secure pages are already on a separate ‘subdomain’ (like https://secure.yoursite.com) then your visitor’s browsers will communicate directly with that server and we won’t be involved at all.

If your secure pages are on the same server as your main site (ie https://www.yoursite.com) then:

  • SPEEDILICIOUS Will Pass-Through your Fully-Encrypted SSL Pages UntouchedPass-through works immediately and with 100% of the same security you have today. When a user goes to a secure page we simply pass the traffic – still fully encrypted – to and from your server for processing as normal. Your existing server & certficatecontinue as normal. They secure the page and it cannot be read by us or anyone else while in transit.

How do I update my site?

Exactly as you do now. That’s what’s so great about this. You just continue to run your site exactly as you do today - develop it the same way, update it the same way, host it the same way – SPEEDILICIOUS simply ‘reads’ your site just as any browser would, applies a series of speed upgrades to a copy of each page (and its images and scripts) and passes them to the lightning-fast network of ‘edge’ servers.

Why Do You Use (and What is) a Content Delivery Network?

A CDN is a large network of servers spread around the world so that whenever someone visits your website, there is always a fast server nearby ready to deliver your all the images, code scripts and other assets that compose your site.

Suppose today your site is hosted on a server in San Francisco and someone visits it from their laptop in New York. That’s a 6,000 mile round-trip to request and return each element of each page. With multiple high-performance edge servers around the world and right in New York, our Level3 CDN will deliver your accelerated site far faster to your visitors.The SPEEDILICIOUS Content Delivery Network

What are Edge Servers?

‘The Edge’ is the name given to all the servers that form the CDN (see just above).

So I go global without paying the earth?

Yes you do. In the past, having your site on fast servers around the world was expensive and complicated. SPEEDILICIOUS makes it simple and highly cost effective to serve your content from an advanced network. Your content is at the center of the global traffic exchange, putting your end users just milliseconds away from your content.

You’re Kidding? I don’t have to modify my site at all?

No modifications to your site are needed to use SPEEDILICIOUS. However, if there are any coding errors in your site, or you have some code that works in an unusual way it is possible that might conflict with one of our speed filters. To fix the site we just turn off the filter (and lose the benefit of the filter). To get the benefit of the filter you might choose to update your site.

SPEEDILICIOUS is here 24 x 7 x 365Guaranteed Availability

Patent-pending routing mechanisms and global load-balancing technology serve content requests from the location closest to the end user. In the rare event that location is not available, your content continues to be served from the closest available point. This technology provides industry leading reliability and availability of your content.

We use an industrial-strength ‘failover’ system for your sites pages, so if there are any problems on our system we immediately flip your traffic to another server while we fix the problem fast.