If we can do this for them…
What could we do for you?

The truth is, your site is much slower for the folks out there than it is for you on your nice fast machine in your plush office.

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Hundreds of factors affect the speed at which a page loads – but faster is always better. You can’t control what crumby computer your customers are using, their lousy connection speed nor that browser from 2005 – but you can make sure your site does as well as possible under the circumstances. On the web, faster is always better.

Some Notes About These Tests

First, they are all real and conducted at the independent test facility at WebPageTest.org .

The tests show an Internet Explorer 7 browser on a DSL connection. Sure plenty of folk have way better, but many do not. IE7/DSL is used widely in the Web Performance Industry to assess how sites perform in the real world.

In most cases you are seeing a ‘first run’ of a page. In other words the visitor is coming ‘fresh’ to a page (as if from an ad or a search) without the advantage of their computer ‘cacheing’ some of the site. (Cacheing means storing some of the images etc so they don’t need to be fetched again).

In a handful of the examples we show a ‘reload’ – the opposite of a first run – where the page should come almost instantly because of cacheing, but for a variety of reasons is delayed. Reload is a good approximation of how fast users can browse from page to page.

Time to Test Your Site?

If your site is slower than it could be you are throwing money away. You can spend time and effort testing, or for just $1 you can test SPEEDILICIOUS for an entire month…

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