Chip Krauskopf (CEO)

Chip is an operations expert. He spent the first phase of his career at Intel where he was part of several ground-breaking development teams including the 386™ and 486™ processors. He went on to hold senior management positions, including General Manager, in the computing and networking business units.

After Intel, Chip was the COO at two solar energy startups, including one in which he was co-founder. Chip holds a BS in Computer Engineering and an MS in Electrical Engineering and has been issued 6 patents.

Chip’s operational depth and financial management experience offers the second of the two most critical success factors for SPEEDILICIOUS.

Seymour Segnit (Founder & President)

Seymour discovered the value of website performance and the options available to small and medium business owners by running his own online business for more than a decade. He is an experienced entrepreneur, small business owner, broadcaster and public speaker who studied Engineering at Oxford University.

In addition to a deep customer understanding and technical foundation, Seymour brings rare skills and intensity regarding branding, customer experience and event marketing to build a user-friendly implementation of a complex and technical Open Source technology.